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Big John's Garage

Wicked custom paint job & lowered on Weld(?) rims

19XX Dodge Ram Mods

Custom Indy/SST flame paint job

Custom dash & overhead

Tubbed rear end w/relocated leaf springs

f/g tonneau & rollpan

Weld rims


John mentioned doing all the work himself (love to see progress pics!!)

Till very recently Johns truck has been a daily driver,  now the big work can begin.

Currently only sporting a V6 motor there are plans for Big block power & a bagged suspension in the forecast.

Really like how the paint goes from Indy scheme in the front then flames into the SST scheme outback.

Now here is something you don't see every day, a tubbed rear end!

One off custom dash & a 10"(?) steering wheel (must be a bit tricky in parking lots)


Really like what John has done so far & look forward to seeing how this project progresses!

John feel free to email me for any help you may want/need with increasing power. Wouldn't

mind finding out more details on what you have done & adding any progress pics you have.

Thanks for sending in the pics, your truck is a great addition here!!!

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